Regeneration of turbochargers

Why is it worth to use our services?

Our services in these past years have allowed our customers to efficiently verify the high quality of regeneration offered by us.
This is what makes us certain that what we do – we do well. Repair of turbochargers, turbines is conducted with high-quality equipment and using only the renowned parts.

We work with individual customers as well as transportation companies, mechanic workshops and authorized service centers in all of Poland. Customers are our partners, in the country and abroad.

Repair of a turbocharger ( turbine)

Only by choosing proper equipment can a professional turbocharger service do it well. We believe that we offer the best turbine regeneration service in the region. We don’t tolerate compromises!

Only original parts and 12-month warranties. A couple of years of experience, equipment and qualified staff are our main strength. Would you like to be 100% sure your turbocharger will work for a long time? Read and see why it is worth to use our services:

  • only we offer medium- and high-speed operational balancing up to 200 000 RPM
  • 12 months of warranty

We offer you professional turbine servicing

We work with individual customers as well as transportation companies, mechanic workshops and authorized service centers in all of Poland and other countries. Customers are our partners, in the country and abroad.

We service turbines to all types of passenger cars working in the turbo system.

We have a special, attractive price offer for our regular customers. Would you like to know more? Call us!

Our turbo service!

We operate on the premises and also offer the possibility to send the repaired turbine to our customer. We send shipments using courier services or regular mail. Every package is insured!

A repaired turbine with a certificate

We give a 12-month warranty on all our services! Every regenerated article has its own certificate and analyses of tests from the balancing machine and operational balancers.

Turbocharger regeneration

In order to regenerate your turbine well you need proper equipment. Companies such as ours own the full equipment needed for repairs. Regeneration of turbo compressors consists mainly of proper cleaning, balancing of components, exchange of parts to new, original parts; all these are standard procedures we implement on all our customers’ turbo compressors.

We don’t accept compromises – every “cost-saving” could end with an unsatisfied customer and a claim, and every claim is a waste of money and time, therefore regenerations which we make are done reliably and given 12-month warranties!

Regeneration of turbines

We take care of all types of turbines in passenger cars. Neighbors from Southern and Eastern Europe have put their turbines in our hands.

We are interested in buying, selling and trading turbo compressors. Our sales offer lets you buy new turbo compressors!

Of course it is possible for us to send you a package, we sell our turbines on internet – you can choose the mode of delivery: courier or regular mail (we prefer to use courier services). We consider it mandatory to insure all our packages!

Why is it worth to regenerate and why choose us?

Entire service is conducted using exceptionally good and modern equipment. Operational balancing at 200 000 RPM isan extraordinary process showing how a turbine works when it exceeds its optimal parameters. Manufacturers often claim their products are better than regenerated ones since they realize that a 4-times lower price, with the same product quality maintained, is an argument that cannot be put into question by any verifications.

You don’t know how we do this? See, check and find out that your turbo compressor is easy to be restored to be like new.

Among the manufacturers whose turbines we repair are:

  • Garrett
  • KKK
  • IHI
  • Holset
  • Mitsubishi
  • Schwitzer
  • and others (contact us before the service)

Contact to us

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